Roll Back to the ’80s With a Pair of DIY Sequin Skates

If you haven’t heard, ’80s fashion is *SO* in. While there are definitely some trends that should stay in that decade, I’m all in for other looks like graphic sweatshirts and holographic apparel. When I brainstormed what I should do for this shoot, I looked up ’80s fashion and saw this awesome roller skating photo, and it was like a light when on! I wanted - no, I needed to DIY roller skates.

Decorating your roller skates with sequin polka dots is really simple. Depending on how many dots you do, you can definitely finish this DIY in a couple of hours or less. All you need then are knee socks, and boom - you’re a roller girl!

Materials and Tools:
  • roller skates
  • sequin ribbon, 4 yards of each color
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors

Unlace skates. Glue sequins on roller skates in a circle.

That’s it!
Life’s too short to not roller skate.

DIY Production and Styling: Irene Lee
Photography: Brittany Griffin
Model: Michelle Nguyen  by:Irene Lee

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